What I really do is to make people hungry – with fresh concepts,
mind-blowing recipes and mouthwatering images. When a pancake gets in front
of my lens, I don’t just see it as the sum of eggs, flour and water. I see
it more like the latest Spring / Summer collection, walking down a catwalk in Milan.

You see, I studied fashion design in an earlier life. But after working for
Viktor & Rolf for a brief spell I decided to leave this skinny industry
behind and turned my gaze towards the tastier things in life. So here I am
now, creating gourmet imagery from concept to execution, no matter if it’s
a truffle or a toast.

Currently I live in Hamburg, Germany, but being from the nomadic nation of
Kazakhstan I love to travel and you never know where I’ll turn up next.


Commercial Clients / Publications

Viktor & Rolf


Mercedes Me



Smart Magazine

Uzwei Juices

INDIE Magazine


             Dandy Diner

Women’s Health